Sodium Humate

Sodium is used in agriculture as fertilizer additive to increase the efficiency of fertilizer especially Nitrogen & Phosphorus based fertilizers. Sodium Humate has the prominent property to absorb toxins, which decides this product is naturally an important for animal health. It also can be used in Aquaculture.


  • Increase physiological metabolism.
  • Improves the immunity & metabolism of crops.
  • Retain water and fight drought.
  • Prevent corrosion of fruits.


Solubility 90%-95%
Humic acid(dry basis) 50%-60%
Ph value 4-6
Appearance Powder, Flake
Organic Matter 60% Min

Solid form-Powder
Keep in Dry Environment

For Animal

  • Promote metabolism, acclerate their growth and development.
  • Improve meat quality, raise the yield of meat, eggs and milk.
  • Make animal capillus bright.
  • Used as organic feed additive.
  • It improves animals immune system, in such a way that a thin protective coating is formed on the animals intestinal system.

For industry

  • Petroleum drilling fluid decreasing and filtering agent.
  • Boiler anti-scaling agent and water quality stabilizer.
  • Cementing agent for pulverized coal shaping.
  • Ceramic pug additive and dispersing agent.
  • Ore dressing agent.