Organic Manure

Organic Manure is an eco-friendly fertilizer, which helps in improving the quality & fertility of soil and hence make the produce healthy & nutritious. It enriches the soil with micro-organisms & restore the depleted nutrients of the soil. It provides the plant with nutrition, resistance against diseases and ability to combat worst climatic conditions.


  • Very Cost effective.
  • Improves quality of crop.
  • Easy to spread and absorb.
  • Eco friendly and non-toxic.
  • Supplies organic carbon to soil.
  • Strengthens roots system of plants.
  • Absorbs nitrogen from atmosphere.
  • Improve soil quality by adding organic carbon.
  • 100% Organic from natural agro mineral source.
  • Suitable for all crops, plants, vegetables and fruit trees.
  • Organic carbon improves water & nutrients supply to plants.


Moisture % by wt.Max 25.0
Total organic carbon % by wt. Min. 14.0
Total N, P2O5, K2O nutrient should not be less than 3%